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PR Software to Quantify and Amplify the Impact of Media Mentions

TrendKite helps PR professionals with brands and agencies build a timely, highly accurate picture of their media coverage with ease. Our advanced PR analytics software quantifies PR's impact in a way both PR professionals and executives understand so they can optimize their pr strategy and prove ROI.


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TrendKite Features

Media Monitoring from TrendKite

Advanced Media Monitoring

The PR landscape is vast with global geographies, niche publications, influencer posts, blogs, and comments all adding complexity to the job of identifying quality brand mentions, reacting when necessary and proactively adding to the conversation. What's more, the value of coverage and the opportunity to participate in the conversation degrades sharply with time, making time from media mention to notification critical.


TrendKite uses advanced semantic analysis and sophisticated big data analytics to go beyond traditional media monitoring. Because TrendKite understands the publications, their audiences, their authors, their subject areas and the brands they mention, our users don't have to join the keyword guessing game or miss fleeting opportunities for coverage. Instead, they deliver highly targeted, timely and valuable content.


Hone In On Quality Coverage

Tired of sifting through a sea of useless articles to find those meaningful to your brand? The TrendKite alternative uses natural language processing and cutting-edge algorithms to understand the quality of a company mention in an article. Our automated insights provide PR professionals with the information to demonstrate the value of each mention.


TrendKite's client success team will work with you to ensure that you are able to identify and report on your quality coverage without having to filter out irrelevant coverage. TrendKite's PR software offers quality and impact score algorithms to uncover the hard dollar impact of PR activities and benchmark performance, providing a comprehensive view of the impact of coverage across all brand metrics.


Quantify PR's Impact

Quantifying the impact of high-value earned media is hard. A great story impacts the brand (awareness, mindshare, brand love), owned channels (traffic, SEO), and conversions (leads, sales).


TrendKite provides a holistic set of analytics and metrics to provide the information required to complete the picture of the true impact of your PR efforts. Additionally, TrendKite can sync with web analytics data to show how many website visitors are being driven from a media mention and the value of those visitors to the business. This allows you to provide executives hard numbers that prove the ROI of PR efforts.

PR Reporting-TrendKite

Automate PR Reporting

The amount of labor that typically goes into using PR tools, taking screenshots, creating Excel charts and combining it all into a PowerPoint deck limits the frequency of reporting periods.


TrendKite eliminates the tedium with beautiful, interactive reports automatically generated any time with just one click. TrendKite makes it easy for PR professionals and agency staff to understand, amplify and demonstrate the value of their work to management teams and clients. We invite you to learn more about our features or contact us to get started today.

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