Beautifully designed, actionable PR reporting to help you sign new clients, engage more deeply and spend less time creating reports.

TrendKite offers clients easy to understand, qualitative and actionable media analysis. For agencies, we offer white-labeled PR reports that can be presented to clients with your branding. Rich graphics and interactive metrics turn periodic reporting from an unwelcome chore into a powerful opportunity to engage with clients and demonstrate the success of your efforts.

Sign More New Clients

Gain the trust of potential clients by demonstrating the amount of transparency into your activities they will receive. Reassure them that the results of your work will be presented visually in a coherent way to help drive decision making. For the first time, you can show clients exactly how certain publication placements or media buys affected their bottom-line business impact. By creating this trust with your clients, not only will you increase their happiness and retention rate, but forming these transparent relationships will encourage new business as well. 

Engage More Deeply

Media analysis papers provide an opportunity to showcase success, identify challenges and react to a changing landscape. The reports focus on the most important metrics and provide clear insight into measurements often difficult to quantify, such as message pull through and share of voice. Your clients will be assured you have a full grasp of what’s really happening and decisions are being driven by reliable data. Specfically, our Article Impact feature is able to identify the highest quality articles and mentions that are influencing awareness, engagement, and SEO. This will guide the placement of your stories to be based on the publications which have the most monetary impacton your brand. 

Spend Less Time Creating Reports

Let’s face it, clients like reports but they don’t like paying for the time it takes to create them. Solve the problem with TrendKite’s automated, white-labeled PR reports. Create exquisite, useful reports whenever you need them with just a few clicks. The time you would have spent on reporting is freed up for more strategic activities that produce even better results for your clients.

If you’d like to learn more about how TrendKite’s automated media monitoring and PR reporting can help your agency, contact us for a demo. We'll show you a customized dashboard specifically showing your organzation's PR impact on the bottom-line of business.

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