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Attract and Retain More Clients with Advanced PR Reporting and Analysis

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Attract more clients

New clients are attracted to your agency for a variety of reasons, including your reputation and past performance. Once a serious conversation about engagement begins, prospective clients want to know exactly what you can do for them and how. TrendKite's advanced PR software can help.


PR Reporting

TrendKite produces beautiful, interactive PR reports you can white label to use to demonstrate how your results will be shared and explained. Your clients will be confident they can demonstrate the value of your PR efforts to other company leaders. See a sample interactive PR report


Business Impact Assessment

Potential clients want to know you understand their business and are prepared to take the right steps to amplify their brand. TrendKite helps you layout the PR landscape for each new client based on their products and industry. You can win the account by demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the brand's position and potential.


Share of Voice Analysis

Understanding your prospect's share of voice is a useful way to help a client recognize the opportunities they are missing to participate in relevant conversations where competitors are present. Use TrendKite's competitive PR analysis to create a sense of urgency by comparing the impact of current PR efforts to competitors.


Customer retention is crucial to agency success. TrendKite helps agencies with retention efforts as well by providing branded PR reporting on your success.


Investment Justification

Your clients need to be able to justify the expense of PR initiatives, including your agency fees, to the rest of their senior management team. TrendKite can help quantify and qualify the impact of PR in terms of ROI, making it easier to continue or even expand the investment.


Share Results

The best way to retain clients is to deliver results. TrendKite helps drive the accuracy of your outreach efforts by understanding publications, their authors, their audiences and the brands they mention so you are able to deliver more highly-targeted, timely and winning pitches. Our PR software also helps showcase your wins with white label PR reports for your clients.


Deeper Relationships

The PR business is built on relationships. TrendKite helps you build client relationships by providing deep insight into your client’s PR performance and overall business success. Effort previously devoted to laborious media monitoring and report building can now be used on higher-value activities that enhance client relationships.

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