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PR Strategy

Public Relations Strategy in the Age of Digital PR

Prove Your PR ROI

We live in the age of Digital PR, but communication clouds for PR professionals are built by assembling unrelated legacy technologies that predate the dawn of digital, and are frustratingly not integrated (except maybe the invoice).


You deserve better than disjointed point solutions; you deserve media monitoring, analytics, journalist outreach, influencer management, and social intelligence in one integrated solution. With TrendKite, you can integrate with the marketing technology stack and speak the language of results-driven CMOs.  Only the TrendKite Digital PR Platform empowers you to:

  • Drive predictable PR ROI from media initiatives by targeting messages, publications, and influencers based on audience insights
  • Measure business results at all three levels of impact: brand impact in the marketplace of ideas, digital impact across your web properties, and bottom-line impact on sales
  • Integrate the impact of earned coverage into the marketing mix, scaling third-party credibility across paid, owned, and shared channels
  • Showcase your impact with boardroom-ready reports, PR Newsletters, and Slack integration to share not only your coverage, but the metrics surrounding it

Expand Your PR Strategy with Actionable Analytics

Great PR strategies are based on sound, actionable data and analytics, not the latest trends. You need to know specifically what is performing for your brand across earned, owned, and paid media so you can adjust your strategy in real time.

  • Create and execute a powerful marketing strategy using big data and AI to create a real-time map of every part of the earned media ecosystem: publications, influencers, pitches, competitors, campaigns, product launches, spokespeople, and more
  • Cut through the noise and focus on what really matters by ranking coverage, publications, journalists, and influencers in terms of business impact, virality, readership, SEO, audience demographics, and more

Build Your PR Goals on the Most Accurate Analytics Available

TrendKite gives you the power to instantly conduct market research to understand your performance, your competitors and how your key messages are performing.  Benchmark your communications KPIs and set, monitor and manage your goals with data-backed confidence by understanding how you and your competitors' content is performing - and even how it is driving traffic back to your site.  Adjust your strategy and goals in real-time. When you see a campaign performing well, adjust the goals for it accordingly. 

  • Use advanced algorithms to target the publications, journalists, and influencers that reach your audience and move your market
  • Be the first to know with Real-Time Alerts and Spike Alerts that use anomaly detection algorithms to alert you to unusual activity, and daily digest emails

Keep Everyone Informed

Create a powerful newsletter in minutes by letting cutting-edge analytics do the heavy lifting. PR Newsletter shows stakeholders the coverage your PR work is driving, demonstrates the impact with TrendKite metrics, and makes sharing easy.

  • Quickly find the articles that matter, with the help of TrendKite analytics, and show your stakeholders how they impact the business with impressive newsletters

  • You have full control over which metrics to display, whether to enable social sharing, and which articles to include

  • Drag-and-drop interface lets you easily curate content to create a beautiful, powerful newsletter in minutes


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