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Market Research

Everything You Need to Stay on Top of Your Industry in the Era of Digital PR

Customize Your Experience

With TrendKite you can build out unlimited customized dashboards quickly and easily with all of the elements you need, so you can see at a glance the factors that matter most to your brand and in your industry.


What’s your share-of-voice versus that of your competitors? How is your social performing? Where are you dominating in key messages? The optimization of widgets is endless, both at a high-level glance and in deeper detail you can drill down in just a few clicks. There is no limit to the customization.


Stand easily in the intersection of Digital PRPR analytics, social media impact, and influencer marketing strategy – so you are prepared with the data you need for competitive, market, and industry research.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

Just as you can use big data and AI to create a real-time map of every part of your earned media ecosystem, you can also do the same for your competitors.

Based on your strategy for high-value publications, build out dashboards, set Share-of-Voice and Key Message widgets, and track when the publications you target are writing about a competitor, strengthening your future communications.

Pinpoint Contacts, the largest influencer database in the industry, you can build a competitive strategy and identify journalists and influencers who are writing about your competitors, giving your team a greater understanding of the competitive landscape.

Take it further by tracking journalists and influencers to understand how your competitors are leveraging them. Use
PR Attribution to understand the web traffic volume those influencers give your competitors, and use the information to strengthen your strategy and relationships.

One Solution, All Your Research Needs

Market research requires flexibility, benchmarking and historical context. Most legacy media-solutions are disjointed and require multiple systems for a full 360-degree view of your market.  TrendKite delivers a integrated picture of your market landscape across all media channels, deep contextual information about journalists and influencers, owned media performance, and bottom-line business impact.  

But markets are constantly evolving. Be the first to know about what matters most to your brand and inside your industry with Real-Time Alerts. Information can't help if it only lives behind a login, so get it straight to your inbox, in real-time.

Spike Alerts, alert you to unusual activity using AI based anomaly detection so you can know right away when significant news about your competitors, industry and key topics is happening.


Keep Everyone Informed

Create a powerful newsletter in minutes by letting cutting-edge analytics do the heavy lifting. PR Newsletter shows stakeholders the coverage your PR work is driving, demonstrates the impact with TrendKite metrics, and makes sharing easy.

  • Quickly find the articles that matter, with the help of TrendKite analytics, and show your stakeholders how they impact the business with boss-ready newsletters

  • You have full control over which metrics to display, whether to enable social sharing, and which articles to include

  • Drag-and-drop interface lets you easily curate content to create a beautiful, powerful newsletter in minutes

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