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Crisis Communications

Monitoring Public Relations Events in the Era of Digital PR

Monitor & Benchmark

To see where the conversation is going, you have to know where it’s been.


Build unlimited unique dashboards to benchmark keywords to track what’s happening daily/weekly/monthly within your industry, the market, and within competitors’ news. Understand the digital impact by measuring influenced traffic with PR Attribution and Key Messages that parse out the important message pull-through across millions of media sources.


Create and execute a powerful crisis communications strategy with a real-time map of every part of the earned media ecosystem: publications, influencers, competitors, campaigns, product launches, and Story Kit to include pitches, spokespeople, and assets.

Track & Respond to the Crisis Conversation

Target the publications, journalists, and influencers that reach your audience and move your market.


Our AI-based analytics engine delivers audience insights and precise media impact analysis so you can track the lifecycle of the story no matter where it breaks: online, in social media, or across traditional channels like print and broadcast. Get up to the minute alerts for key topics, executives, and competitors automatically to keep your finger on the pulse of the issues at hand while you work on response strategies.


Identify the key journalists with AI-based analytics, and influencers that are most impactful to the current conversation, complete with contact information and social network information. Create and package a response with our innovative Story Kit and deliver all the key points, available spokespeople, links, and assets to your journalists and influencers in one place.

Information & Insight that Can Shape the Outcome of a Crisis

TrendKite gives you the data and insights that the digital economy is bringing to public relations.

The TrendKite Digital PR Platform includes media analytics, journalist outreach, influencer management, and social intelligence. Unlike other PR software solutions, TrendKite integrates into the CMO’s technology stack and helps the PR practitioner speak the CMO’s language of results-driven metrics.

Be the first to know about a news event or crisis as it unfolds with Real-Time Alerts and Spike Alerts that use anomaly detection algorithms to alert you to unusual activity, and provide daily digest emails.

Post-crisis, measure business results at all three levels of impact: brand impact in the marketplace of ideas, digital impact across your web properties, and bottom-line impact on sales.

Prepare for a Social Crisis or High-Impact Event

Set up alerts important to your brand to stay on top of social conversations around your brand and industry, study how a past crisis unfolded with access to the full Twitter archive, and seamlessly transfer between this and the rest of your TrendKite dashboard saving valuable time during a crisis.

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