SEO: The New Key to PR Success

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SEO is your new secret weapon for PR.

Your work can directly increase search ranking, driving website visitors who become customers. But SEO (search engine optimization) isn't the easiest to comprehend. That's why we created this eBook for you.

This eBook dives head first into identifying  high-value earned media placements which skyrocket search ranking & showcase your PR's direct impact in the marketing world.

You'll walk away knowing exactly how to leverage one of the best kept secret's in PR: the power of SEO to prove PR's impact on ROI & the bottom-line of business.

Key takeaways from SEO: The new key to PR sucess ebook:

  • How to Speak the Language of SEO
  • Specific PR Strategies to Boost SEO Results
  • KPIs to Report PR's Impact on SEO
  • Prove ROI of PR efforts through search-driven metrics

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