SEO & SEM Strategies That Drive PR Success

On-Demand PR Strategy Webinar

PR professionals can no longer afford to work in a communication silo as earned, owned and paid media strategies increasingly blend. By learning how PR can leverage other digital approaches like SEO and SEM, you can develop dramatically stronger integrated communications efforts that result in provably better performance and success metrics.

Best-selling author and digital marketing guru, Bill Leake (CEO of Apogee Results), and PR measurement master, Matthew Heng (TrendKite's Customer Success Team Manager), discuss the SEO and SEM strategies that the top performing players are using to optimize their PR campaigns and prove the ROI of earned media.

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  • How to Align Messaging & Content to Support SEO Strategies
  • Why Backlinks are Important & How to Get Them
  • Best Practices to Build Stronger Influencer Relationships
  • Importance of Sharing & Amplifying Content
  • KPI's that Measure PR's True Impact
  • Paid Media that Boosts & Extends PR Wins

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