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PR Software & Strategy Videos


TrendKite Pinpoint Contacts

Media contacts is now deeply integrated into your PR Analytics. Uncover new contacts with our journalist discovery engine.

TrendKite Media Dashboards

See how to build PR dashboards so you can easily visualize the impact of your PR efforts. It's nice to know your PR's working.

TrendKite Interactive PR Reports

Create beautiful, interactive PR reports with a single click. We're pretty sure you're not going to miss PowerPoint too much.

TrendKite PR Newsletter

Keep your company abreast of impactful coverage, industry trends, and competitive developments with a PR newsletter.

TrendKite News Alerts

Set up alerts to monitor your brand, executives, industry, competitors, or anything else that is important to you.

Identifying & Tracking Key Influencers

New techniques to identify, track and engage key influencers for your brand.

Product Launch Pitches: Targeting the Right Publications

Best practices we have learned from working with our clients on high impact product launch campaigns.

Crisis Management: Analyzing Coverage & Influencing the Message

Sharpen your crisis communications skills and learn the metrics that can shape your crisis communication strategy.

Executing a Data-Driven PR Strategy

Discover the tools and cutting-edge techniques needed to execute, report on, and optimize a data-driven PR strategy.

Measuring PR's Real Business Impact

Real-world examples of a ground-breaking PR measurement framework to prove PR's brand, digital & bottom-line impact.

SEO & SEM that Drive PR Success

How PR can leverage SEO & SEM strategies to develop integrated communications efforts that result in better PR performance.

The Hidden Value of Your PR Campaigns

Selecting KPIs for your communications programs and shaping PR reports to prove the value of your PR efforts.

Measuring PR's Impact on your Brand

See how the world’s fastest-growing and best brands measure the ROI of their news coverage using TrendKite's PR Software.

Unlocking PR's Impact w/ Adobe Analytics

Learn how to leverage website traffic data to show the tangible impact PR has on revenue generation & marketing results.

Advanced PR Reporting Best Practices

Reporting the impact of media coverage from individual employees, corporate events, individual products/services, competitors and much more.

Best PR Reports to Show Executives in 2016

See How DriveTime Creates Executive PR Reports & hear TrendKite's CEO share thoughts on PR reporting best practices.