How To Measure The Impact PR Is Having On Your Business

On-Demand PR Measurement Webinar

Traditionally PR has been viewed as a cost center compared to Sales and Marketing. The standard methods of measuring PR's impact - ad value equivalency, impressions, total mentions, etc. - are behind the times. The fastest-growing and best brands around the world, including Nike, Snapchat, Pinterest, Hubspot, and Edelman, use advanced PR analytics to see how their customers are engaging with their news coverage and see how it is driving them to interact with their websites and make purchasing decisions.

In the webinar, “How to measure PR's impact on your business,” you will learn how the world’s fastest-growing and best brands measure the ROI of their PR and news coverage.

  • Using news Alerts and media monitoring to find the news coverage your customers are engaging with the most
  • PR measurement: that goes beyond ad value equivalency and impressions to measure the ROI of your PR efforts
  • PR analytics and dashboards to discover which publications and journalists are the most impactful to your business

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