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Vega shares beautiful weekly
media roundups that take minutes to compile with TrendKite’s
PR Newsletter.

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“Newsletter allows us to easily share important product and business coverage in a consumable and timely way with internal stakeholders including senior leadership, retail partners and our parent company.”

Jaclyn Cummings - Senior PR Manager


Excessive Time Spent Compiling PR Newsletters to Inform Stakeholders

Before using TrendKite’s PR Newsletter, Vega used multiple tools to create their weekly media roundup. They needed to keep internal teams informed of essential coverage and aware of PR’s momentum and impact. However, pulling the coverage together into a presentable form took hours per week.

“We spent a lot of time designing our image-rich, media roundup because we knew it was important to maintaining a high audience engagement. Unfortunately, creating something that met our standard of excellence was time-consuming.”
Trevor Ellestad - PR Specialist


Create a Beautiful PR Newsletter in Minutes with a Drag-and-Drop Designer

Now using TrendKite’s PR Newsletter, Vega can easily curate coverage and share beautiful weekly or on-the-fly media roundups. Rather than spending cycles on formatting and design, Vega now relies on an engaging and cleanly designed drag-and-drop newsletter template, which brought their turnaround time from creation to send down to only ten minutes.


“We’re always excited about the ongoing innovation at TrendKite, and PR Newsletter is no exception. It allows us to easily tag and share important coverage without the burden of formatting it to be beautiful and readable - it’s all done for us!”

Trevor Ellestad - PR Specialist


Show PR’s Value and Amplify Social Sharing

Vega loves the added capabilities of PR Newsletter, such as the ability to share important PR metrics across articles or enable/disable social sharing across articles. This allows the team to share PR’s business impact on a weekly basis, as well as further amplify coverage by allowing employees to socially share it.

“TrendKite continues to demonstrate expertise in modern and relevant PR tracking and reporting through the development of tools that save us time and help communicate the power our PR team has in achieving top-tier marketing initiatives."
Jaclyn Cummings - Senior PR Manager

PR Newsletter Spotlight Features


Drag-and-drop template

Create a beautiful newsletter in minutes.


Social sharing & metrics

Select PR metrics to show in your newsletter and enable/disable social sharing.


Unlimited recipients

Send unlimited PR Newsletters to unlimited stakeholders at no extra charge.

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