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Constrained by budget, the Tatcha team leans on new advanced PR analytics to build stronger lasting media relationships.

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"We're moving into more complex ways of measuring things and looking past legacy metrics such as high readership stats."

alexandra schilling - pr and communications


Missing PR Tracking Tool to Help Scale Business

Since using a PR agency out of New York, the Tatcha team has achieved a great deal of coverage from publications and bloggers but needed a tracking tool to be more proactive and measure their growing coverage. With no advertising or sponsored content budgets, maintaining positive media coverage was crucial to the company's growth strategy. 

"Our PR agency focuses on developing and maintaining relationships, and we monitor internally. We needed a tool to help us better respond to growing coverage. Also, we enjoy creating a personal experience with thank you letters or gifts to customers and writers who use our products. We needed an effective tool to help us scale that experience."
Alexandra Schilling - PR And Communications


Better Monitoring to Identify Meaningful Coverage

With the help of the TrendKite platform, the team is now monitoring coverage and discovering new publishers who are creating original content in addition to the coverage created by their agency. The team even discovered one unsuspecting blogger who was driving more website traffic than content featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair combined.

"Our PR agency will always give us a heads up on new contacts or coverage, but we can now do so much more. In one of our weekly reports, we discovered our highest driver of website traffic was attributed to a food blogger who featured our product while discussing her skin care products. We would have never discovered this if not for the TrendKite platform."
Christine Chun - Community Management Specialist


Discovering New Metrics & Ways to Measure PR Success

The Tatcha team is leveraging all of the TrendKite features to track and monitor their media coverage like never before. The team is discovering that there are various metrics to consider when measuring the value of a publication and helping their agency move beyond traditional press coverage.

"We're moving into more complex ways of measuring things and looking past legacy metrics such as high readership stats. The TrendKite platform is helping us find content that is more impactful with features like Google Analytics integration and social amplification. We can now find publishers who are driving more website traffic, locate content that is getting more shares or engagement and create better overall goals that are impacting our business."
Alexandra Schilling - PR And Communications

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