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Data-driven marketers at RealMassive are getting significant boost in earned media with real-time PR monitoring and reporting.

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"As a data-centric startup, having the ability to access real-time earned media metrics allows us to craft effective outreach strategies, report on results, and adjust on the fly to produce greater coverage."

craig Hancock - CEO


Startup Marketers Needed On-Demand Earned Media Tracking Tool

As commercial real estate's first open and distributed marketplace, RealMassive's marketing team needed to be more agile and responsive to emerging coverage from owned and earned media outlets. The team wanted a solution that would be easy to use and adapt well into their workflow so that they could better juggle all of their marketing tasks.

"Marketing professionals need tools and workflows to manage priorities and maintain the momentum. Our small but agile team must juggle multiple tasks each day spanning the full marketing spectrum, and managing PR alone can be extremely time-consuming. We needed a tool that was comprehensive and intuitive so that we could be more effective."
Analisa Goldblatt - Senior Marketing Associate


New PR Solution Led to Greater Reach, Earned Media & Engagement

The TrendKite platform has helped the marketing team optimize their PR activities to better align with paid and owned activities. Each upcoming media-worthy event is now meticulously planned with benchmark reports that help drive upcoming launch or response editorial content. All of which is resulting in greater reach, engagement and overall earned media value.

"The TrendKite platform has provided us with customizable dashboards and reports which reveal insights that are informing and empowering our entire organization - not just marketing."
Michael Westgate - VP of Marketing


Uncovered Insights to Leapfrog Competitors

The RealMassive team has been able to reap tremendous value from the TrendKite platform. They’ve discovered which social media channels can greater amplify their editorial content and better yet, respond to competitive opportunities that will have a lasting impression on their brand and business.

"After winning a long legal battle with a major competitor, the TrendKite platform gave us tremendous insight and helped us plan messaging, format, timing, and media targets. We were able to produce more resonant content, target relevant journalists, and share across key social channels, all resulting in 5x better coverage than our competitors."
Michael Westgate - VP of Marketing

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