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The Hershey team is progressively monitoring and creating actionable PR metrics from the vast media landscape. 

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"We're trying to keep measurement in mind, first and foremost before we tackle something. TrendKite has been leading the way and telling us where we should be focusing."

Allison Kleinfelter - director of editorial strategy & engagement


Dated Reports Prevented Real-Time Response & Insights

Before using the TrendKite platform, the team only received regular quarterly reports that prevented them from responding to press coverage in real-time. They wanted to be more proactive and create editorial content that catalyzed and drove ongoing conversations.

"We used to receive quarterly reports 4-6 weeks after a quarter which didn't help us reflect or make adjustments in our work. We never had the opportunity to pivot priorities or respond with more opportunistic content."
Sarah Dull - Corporate Reputation And Social Media Manager


In-Depth Progressive Monitoring with Real-Time Actionable Metrics

The Hershey team has made a commitment to product transparency and always keeping their consumers informed. Leveraging new in-depth intelligence reports generated by the TrendKite platform, they are responding faster to developing stories and making a bigger impact like never before.

"We work with the TrendKite customer success team to compile in-depth intelligence reports that help us stay on top of current conversations and analyze tactics we can learn from before launching new editorial content."
Allison Kleinfelter - Director of Editorial Strategy & Engagement


Discovering Publications with Strong Social Media Fan Base

The Hershey team has discovered new publications that they would have never considered or discovered without the help of the TrendKite social amplification tool. The team has gone beyond just looking at traditional PR metrics like total readership to finding new outlets that are driving enormous amounts of engagement.

"Social amplification has become a big reporting tool for us. We've discovered publications that have lower total readership but are creating millions of shares. One article was discovered that was shared over 2 million times which sparked great conversations with new readers."
Sarah Dull - Corporate Reputation And Social Media Manager

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