The Best PR Reports to Show Executives in 2016

On-Demand Webinar: See How DriveTime Creates Executive PR Reports

PR, content marketing and social media are evolving and converging more every day. What are the best PR metrics and reports you need to show your executives to prove all your campaigns are aligned and driving business goals?

In the webinar, “The Best PR Reports to Show Executives in 2016”, Christopher Piper, DriveTime's Assistant Marketing Director shows how he creates pr reporting for his executive team while Erik Huddleston, CEO of TrendKite, discusses best practices and the challenges of big data for PR Reporting. Watch this webinar learn how to:

  • Focus on the PR metrics that directly impact your brand and business
  • Align PR reporting with your stakeholder’s or executive’s objectives
  • Improve your overall workflow and productivity of your PR efforts

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