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The Only AI-driven News Monitoring Platform to Track Media Trends & Shape PR Strategy

Cut Through the Noise

TrendKite is the single, comprehensive view of your coverage across all global media including online news, blogs, print, broadcast, radio, and even premium paywall subscriptions. TrendKite media monitoring delivers news in real time from over 4.7 million global sources, spanning years of media coverage, so you can benchmark your success from day one.

  • Powered by AI and big data, TrendKite understands your brand to automatically eliminate irrelevant mentions for clean, concise coverage that matters
  • TrendKite eliminates common noise including syndications, financial news, and unwanted languages with single-click filters
  • Segment your analysis by region, product line, or strategic initiative instantly and in context with access to years of archived coverage at your fingertips
  • Monitor sentiment around executive coverage, or social amplification of company thought leadership

Redefine Market and Competitive Research

TrendKite media monitoring gives you the precision needed to research media and influencers who are dominating industry conversation, shaping emerging trends, and moving the needle for competitors. Use your insights to discover what works and what doesn't for you (and your competitors) and iteratively strengthen your targeting, messaging, and strategy.

  • Improve campaigns with deep insights into your industry, competitors and buyers
  • Deliver key insights to your internal teams to make better product and service decisions
  • Understand how key segments and buyers interact with content and messages for improved campaigns

  • Instantly create meaningful dashboards from scratch in minutes so you can respond to a crisis or last-minute executive inquiry without breaking a sweat

Keep Teams Collaborating & in Sync

TrendKite sharing makes teamwork better with reporting consistency and collaboration. Create master searches and tags, designate editors and viewers for shared searches, and collaborate on shared dashboards.

  • Create reporting consistency across global offices
  • Borrow and share templates with your team instead of reinventing the wheel every time

  • Create individual and team views to empower individuals and inform the entire organization

Need help? Our friendly and experienced Customer Success team is ready to help you with any time-sensitive analysis. How fast? We consistently respond to our in-app chat in less than a minute.

Actionable PR Analytics

TrendKite Analytics are fast, flexible and agile to meet the demanding needs of today's PR professionals.  Deliver a full view of your performance  across Brand, Digital and Bottom line impacts of your earned media.

  • Unlimited fully customizable dashboards to slice and dice your coverage and highlight your impact

  • AI powered Spike Alerts detect unusual patterns in your coverage to alert you to potential crises, emerging trends, or virality in your earned media 

  • One click dashboard filters allow you to instantly highlight top tier coverage, remove common noise sources like press release or financial news, and focus in on regional coverage

  • Real-time alerts keep you confidently informed about any time-sensitive news concerning your brand, executives, or potential crisis situations

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