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Fast, Beautiful PR Reporting

Showcase your impact with boardroom-ready interactive reports, dashboards & PR Newsletters that share than coverage, but also the metrics around it.

No More Manual Reporting

With TrendKite PR Reports, there’s no need to maintain spreadsheets of mentions, create Excel charts and graphs, or format PowerPoint slides. Eliminate hours of manual work with single-click media analysis reports.

  • With one click, turn the metrics on your PR dashboard into beautiful, interactive reports instantly

  • Customize titles and descriptions, branding, add custom slides, and report on any PR metric across any medium

Polished, Interactive, Mobile-Friendly

With reports, presentation matters. We’ve designed beautiful, mobile-friendly public relations reports that will impress internal stakeholders and are shareable with a simple link. The TrendKite interactive media report lets your executives drill down into metrics to see the articles and data behind the numbers.

  • Build fast, beautiful dashboards in minutes 

  • One-click reports turn your analysis into a fully interactive experience you can share with your team, clients, or executives

  • Alerts to let you know in the moment when news is happening

Share to Slack

Become an internal communications hero, no extra work required. Instantly share not only your coverage, but the metrics around it to Slack with just a click.  Automate sharing of specific topics or news for a steady, hassle-free way to keep your internal teams up-to-date with what’s important to them.

  • Share individual articles with impact metrics and content to anyone in your company
  • Automate key topics, messages, or searches to share to specific Slack channels


Keep Everyone Informed

Create a powerful newsletter in minutes by activating cutting-edge analytics to do the heavy lifting. PR Newsletter shows stakeholders the coverage your PR work is driving, demonstrates the impact with TrendKite metrics, and makes sharing easy.

  • Quickly find the articles that matter, with the help of TrendKite analytics, and show your stakeholders how they impact the business with review-ready newsletters

  • You have full control over which metrics to display, whether to enable social sharing, and which articles to include

  • Drag-and-drop interface lets you easily curate content to create a beautiful, powerful newsletter in minutes

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