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PR Attribution

Understand PR’s Full Impact on Web Traffic

Connect the Dots Between Web Traffic & PR Measurement

Just like view-through attribution in advertising, TrendKite PR Attribution shows you the influence of your earned media mentions on your – or your competitor’s – site traffic. 

  • Understand and quantify PR’s full influence on web traffic
  • Discover the complete picture of how your earned media influences digital behavior within the customer journey
  • Connect views of press articles, media mentions, and influencer posts to site traffic to almost any website in the world

Measure Traffic From More Than 4.7 Million Publications

TrendKite tracks readers from over 4.7 million publications, and can show you how many of those readers visit your website after reading an article about your organization. Simply put, PR Attribution gives you concrete, quantifiable performance metrics that let you take credit for your hard earned media mentions.

  • Track your entire site, or individual pages and sub-domains, to showcase how your earned media is driving traffic to specific areas of your site that align with your business goals and objectives

  • Change the paradigm of influence by understanding the actual results of your mentions, not just it’s potential readership or phantom ad-equivalence numbers
  • Get the inside story on earned media influenced web traffic for any domain – your web properties, your competitors, your channel partners, or the industry sites that engage with your target audience

PR Attribution Backed by Data Science

Using cutting-edge data science that combines multiple tracking sources and technologies, TrendKite delivers the most complete and comprehensive picture of your earned media attribution. TrendKite PR Attribution is fully privacy and GDPR compliant technology that connects the dots between earned media influence where cookies and Ad-IDs fail.

  • Measure influenced traffic for over 4 million global publications 

  • Full privacy and GDPR compliant solution - ideal for global rollouts for a consistently accurate single-source of global truth

  • Measure attribution to almost any site in the world for unrivaled competitive and industry insights


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