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Story Kit

Digital Storytelling for a Digital World

Deliver the Whole Story

With the 24-hour news cycle and digital publishing, journalists today are publishing even more content on tighter deadlines. Your pitches need to evolve to meet those expectations. Make your pitch one journalists love with Story Kit.

  • Include quotes, spokespeople, high-res images, your preferred backlinks, and analytics behind the topic in your PR pitching
  • Deliver your story in consumable bites instead of a predefined narrative, making your pitch more focused. And eliminate the back-and-forth by having quotes, background info, media, and more, all available anytime in a Story Kit
  • And for journalists, Story Kit automatically benchmarks demographics and social amplification to paint a more complete picture of the potential impact and reach of the story

The Pitching Process Evolved

The digital-first way to deliver the information and assets journalists need to write a compelling story.

  • Unprecedented pitching process transparency: know if and when journalists are reading your Story Kit, if they've downloaded images, or engaged with your links
  • Stay informed on which journalists have viewed a Story Kit, how long they were active, and actions taken
  • Empowers journalists to become participants in the pitching process with  one-click feedback about their interest in the pitch

The Pitch Analytics You Need

Two-way analytics are here for your pitching. Journalists get contextual analytics with every pitch including potential impact of covering your story, demographics- and more – automatically with every pitch.

You’ll get one-click feedback on the relevance of your pitch as well as individual level view of the engagement on your pitch.

  • Journalists receive data-driven predictive insights into the potential performance of the story, its potential resonance with their audience, and insights into their previous content performance
  • Accurately gauge journalists' interest with one-click positive or negative feedback and engagement metrics including visits, time on page and asset downloads

  • Keep track of mentions your pitch generated with our exclusive pitch funnel metrics, and detailed campaign metrics to keep track of your successes

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