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Influencer Management

Everything You Need to Launch & Manage Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Identify Authoritative Influencers

Easily identify and build segments of influencers perfectly matched to any organization from over 825 million influencer profiles across more than 100 global social networks. Create segments based on influence topic, bio keywords, location, resonance and more.  

  • Global database with real-time updates across all metrics and intelligence points

  • 15 configurable search filters give any user unlimited ways to focus in on the perfect influencer groups for their objectives

  • Proprietary influencer rankings based on reach, relevance and resonance

  • Comprehensive influencer audience analysis including key followers, who they influence, region, language, and gender – just to name a few

Influence is about Trust, Not Fame

Today's influencers are more than celebrities and larger than life personalities; the best influencers are the ones your audience naturally interact with and trust. TrendKite has the largest influencer database in the world so you can identify the right expertise and personalities your audience turns to for lifestyle, professional, and product guidance.  

  • Influencer filters that enable you to identify the right micro or macro-influencers

  • Audience analysis gives you the confidence that your target audiences and the influencer's audience are in-line

  • Extend your reach and create relationships with verified journalists and influencers to create a holistic narrative across multiple channels

Create Authentic Relationships

Ideal brand-influencer relationships grow organically from real enthusiasm for a brand’s product and mission, not a huge paycheck and marketing language. Audiences know when influencers are off topic and reject inauthentic recommendations. Identify your best advocates and foster genuine relationships that extend their passion for your brand to their audience.

  • Find the influencers who are passionate about your products, brand, or client
  • Establish a long-term partnerships instead of focusing on a one-off campaigns
  • Create segments and campaigns with multiple influencers with fully customizable messaging and outreach to each


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