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Identify and activate media contacts and influencers for your audiences across the spectrum, from journalists to micro-influencers.

Meet Pinpoint Contacts: Your Personal Media Contacts Discovery Engine

Stop sifting through thousands of irrelevant contacts full of broad and out-of-date topics. TrendKite Pinpoint Contacts takes the guesswork and tedious Google research out of identifying on-topic journalists and influencers. Our advanced AI scans millions of stories and posts to automatically identify the most impactful authors and journalists covering your company, competitors or topics.

  • Identify the journalists who are writing on your topics and currently reaching your audiences with a real-time media contact database
  • Keep track of what key authors are writing, and when they write it, by setting up Author Alerts
  • Centralize your notes and activities in one global platform for your entire team


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Pitching Reimagined with Story Kit

Create, respond to, and enhance the conversations that impact your brand messages, and communications goals. With TrendKite, you can streamline your pitching efforts and distribute on the world’s largest press release network with ease.

  • Upgrade your pitch with Story Kit to deliver everything a journalist needs to write a stellar story
  • Know how your pitch is resonating by leveraging real-time interaction tracking and metrics
  • Receive one-click feedback from journalists— no awkward back and forth needed
  • Get unparalleled press release visibility and distribution through PRNewswire


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Extend Your Influence

Everyone is an influencer. Supercharge your communications strategy by identifying and activating influencers and micro-influencers on the topics, interests, and locations that target your audiences. Create unlimited segments of influencers, deliver custom messages and outreach campaigns, and power your interests or lookalike audiences for impactful paid campaigns.

  • Build relationships and activate your message directly with more than 925 million global influencers across more than 100 social networks
  • Create hyper-specific audience segments with deep influencer insights, including follower size, reach, conversation sentiment, activity, gender, location, and more
  • Engage at scale with targeted campaigns tailored to the influencers and micro-influencers integral to your brand
  • Supercharge your paid campaigns with custom, highly targeted audiences built around topics, geographies, interests and more


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