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Align your work in TrendKite with the way your team works


At any given time modern communication pros are supporting multiple initiatives and organizational priorities, spread across different teams, business units, and even continents.


TrendKite Campaigns removes the complexities of mapping your earned media outcomes to specific projects and makes it easy to understand their research and preparation required to execute and the deliverables needed to report and share your success!

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Understand How Your Most Recent Coverage is Trending

TrendKite Campaigns makes having a handle on how your coverage is Trending easy. By tracking top-level performance metrics like Total Mentions, Social Shares, Web Traffic, and SEO Impact, you get a quick and easy overview of what's happening.

Campaigns also places your most recent coverage to the forefront. No need to click through dashboards and drilldowns, Campaigns serves it up front and center on the overview page!

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Organized to AlignWith Your Day-to-Day Work


Your company has a unique way of working. A style that's rooted in your values, culture, and focus. 

Whether you work on a project-by-project basis or are driven by activities that support core values, TrendKite Campaigns makes it easy to organize your TrendKite in a way that works for you.

That flexibility makes it easy to keep all the information you need in one place and sets you up for success.

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One Source of Truth for Your Campaigns' Investments and Outcomes


Have you ever struggled to remember how you reported the results of your last event or which journalists you pitched two product launches ago?

TrendKite Campaigns gives you the power to document the groundwork you laid for a campaign (research reports, pitch lists, etc.) as well as the outcomes of that campaign (dashboards, newsletters) so you can easily reference past campaigns as you plan future initiatives.


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