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Story Kit for Journalists

The information you need, no commitment required


We can all agree that PR pitches have much to be desired.  TrendKite Story Kits give you the information and context you need to write engaging and high-quality stories without the backwards engineering press releases.  We also give you data driven insights with predictive analytics around key topics, audience and metrics to write the best preforming story for your audience.


No Predetermined Editorial Angle, Just the Facts

Stop reverse engineering facts, quotes, stats, and other information out of press releases with an already-edited story and predetermined angle.


With Story Kit, the information, spokespersons, interviewees, quotes, images, and more are available at your fingertips, no background work needed.

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Information Without a Gatekeeper

With Story Kit, you get all the information you need on first contact with a PR pro. No more pitches that force you to chase down additional information and background information.


Eliminate the back-and-forth to get quotes, background info, media, and more, because it's all available  anytime in the Story Kit.

Value That Doesn't Stop When You Hit 'Publish' 

Understand how your stories perform with average social shares, SEO Impact from Moz, and Article Impact scores.

Story Kit gives you information about the audience demographics and performance you can expect for a story about a particular topic so you can better understand your readers.