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 TrendKite Story Kit

Enable Journalists to Tell Your Story


We've updated the humble pitch for a world of digital-first storytelling.  Story Kit helps you deliver everything a journalist wants and needs to write a stellar story.   Evolve beyond old-school pitch metrics; TrendKite makes it easy to understand how your pitches are resonating with precise interaction tracking and one-click journalist feedback .

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Digital Storytelling for Digital World

With the 24-hour news cycle and digital publishing, journalists today are publishing even more content on tighter deadlines.   Your pitches need to evolve to meet those expectations.


Story Kit allows PR pros to gather the relevant content a journalist might need to build a story on compressed deadlines. Make your pitch one journalists love by including

  • Background Info
  • Quotes
  • Available Interviews
  • Images
  • Preferred Backlinks
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Unparalleled Journalist Engagement Insights

Gone are the days of the only feedback you receive on a pitch email being whether or not that journalist opened the email.


Story Kit provides you with individual tracking links that, when included in your pitches, let you know which journalists have viewed your Story Kit, how long they stayed on the page, and if they downloaded any assets or clicked any links.


For the first time, you have more insight into the journalist's experience than a negative reply to a pitch or no response at all.


Become an Enabler of Great Stories, not a Gatekeeper

Make journalists participants in the process of pitching, not just targets.

Story Kit lets journalists provide one-click feedback so you can know whether a pitch is relevant or timely.

And because you're being upfront about the resources and information available, you can spend valuable time building better relationships with journalists in your industry.