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Accurate and Meaningful Media Monitoring

The most accurate, timely, and complete data to help you monitor media trends and shape PR strategy


Single Source of Truth

TrendKite's media monitoring tools provide a single, comprehensive view of your coverage across media types like traditional news, blogs, print, broadcast, radio, and even premium paywall subscriptions. TrendKite's media monitoring pulls from millions of national and international sources and spans years of media coverage, so you’re able to analyze historical data from day one. 


Unlike competing platforms, we make it easy for users to add and crowdsourced media data sources, which ensures the TrendKite library includes the newest trending sources of news and content.


Hone in on Quality Coverage

The best media monitoring should filter out noise and hone in on what matters with accurate searches, single-click filters, and flexible tailored dashboards.


Accurate Relevant Searches

TrendKite leverages the latest technologies (machine learning, natural language processing, semantic analysis, and more) to eliminate junky mentions and only serve up coverage you care about.


Single Click Filters

Rather than writing complex logic strings, filter out irrelevant news with single-click filters. That makes it easy to eliminate things like press releases, financial news, or to view english-only coverage.


Slice and Dice Your Coverage

Parse your media coverage into meaningful segments so you can closely monitor coverage by region, product line, or strategic initiative. Monitor sentiment around executive coverage, or social amplification of company thought leadership.

Conduct Market Research

Our media monitoring tool allows you to research media and influencers dominating industry conversation, shaping emerging trends, and moving the needle for competitors. Leverage the right media monitoring data to discover what works and what doesn't for you and your competitors to iteratively strengthen your targeting, messaging, and strategy.


Monitor Media and Analyze with Agility

If crisis strikes, rest assured you’ll be able to swiftly create a media monitoring dashboard with every term and benchmark you need to monitor, assess, and respond to the situation.  Our Customer Success team is at the ready to help you with any time-sensitive analysis, and consistently respond via in-app chat in under a minute.


See sample crisis report >

Keep Teams Collaborating and in Sync

TrendKite's sharing capabilities creates reporting consistency and makes teamwork simpler and more harmonious. 

  • Create master searches & tags for your teams to use
  • Designate editors & viewers for shared searches
  • Collaborate on shared dashboards

Sharing unlocks great potential:

  • Create reporting consistency across global offices
  • Work as a team on tagging articles for a newsletter
  • Borrow and share templates versus reinventing the wheel
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News Alerts

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

TrendKite offers a variety of flexible alerts to deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time. Set up hyper-specific daily alerts to stay on top of time-sensitive coverage, or get a daily digest of specific kinds of coverage like broadcast mentions.

AI Powered Spike Alerts

Another powerful alerting capability unique to TrendKite is Spike Alerts. Using artificial intelligence, we detect unusual spikes in your brand, competitor, or industry coverage, email you intel around the magnitude of the spike, and offer strategic recommendations on how to respond.

More on Spike Alerts >



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