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Pinpoint Contacts

The personalized discovery engine for the right contacts, every time.

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Personalized Discovery Engine for Media Contacts

Ditch your out-of-date legacy database. Pinpoint Contacts is a real-time view of everyone who’s writing now, what topics and micro-topics they’re writing about, and what audiences they’re reaching. Uncover new journalists & influencers that weren’t previously on your radar and find the most impactful journalists and influencers writing about your competitors, industry, and relevant key trends.

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Fine-Tuned by Analytics

Cut through the noise to target the journalists that matter to you, rather than wasting time on unqualified contacts or ineffective batch-and-blast tactics. Pinpoint Contacts automatically surfaces the highest impact journalists for your outreach goals to make your outreach as impactful as possible. 

  • A personalized discovery engine to uncover new journalists, just  for you. 

  • Rank and prioritize contacts based on metrics that predict their business impact, virality, readership, SEO impact, and more.

  • Integrated into your workflow and analytics, rather than a stand-alone tool or a separate database.

Perfect Precision Targeting

Need to find the world’s authority on electrolytes? Pinpoint Contacts will help you find them. There are no limitations with how precise you can get with your media contacts search.

  • You define the topics you’re looking to pitch, no more rigid and off-topic beats.
  • Go as broad or as narrow as you want - Pinpoint Contacts does the heavy lifting and recommends the right contact for the highest business impact.
  • View Author details, past history and more for a better idea of how best to be relevant and on-target with your pitch.

Stay Up To Date With Key Authors

Know instantly when your target journalists publish content so you can respond, connect, and build relationships.  Real-time journalist alerts and daily digests notify you every time your important contacts write a new story, keeping you ahead of your competitors and industry.

  • Subscribe to individual author’s content and never miss another of their stories.
  • Keep closer tabs on industries, trends and topics for better opportunities to engage.

  • Completely customizable alerts for journalists, bloggers and influencers.

"For an event like SXSW with over 24 programming tracks, developing relationships with journalists in each of area is crucial to our event. The Pinpoint Contacts discovery engine enables us to uncover new journalists focused on niche topics and expand our network."

– Brett Cannon, Senior Publicist, SXSW


  • Mondelez, TrendKite PR Reporting Client
  • Athenahealth TrendKite PR Reporting Client
  • Stuart Weitzman
  • Nike
  • Delta