Prove the Value of PR.

Organizations now expect the same level of accountability from their PR spend as they do from marketing, advertising and demand generation. PR is equally significant to the organization to build brand awareness, sway sentiment and even generate leads, yet outdated PR software technology has been holding it back.

PR software built 10 years ago to help monitor media mentions only does part of the job required today. The complexity of today’s media landscape requires ever-faster cycles of optimization, reporting and ROI analysis. It’s time for a different approach. It’s time to demand more from your PR software tools.

PR Software from TrendKite

The Next Generation of PR Tech

Our mission at TrendKite is to enable you to quantify the impact of your PR. Show the content you generate and influence, the media relationships you foster and the industry knowledge you gather is actually driving leads and growing visitors. TrendKite's PR and media monitoring software does this with fast, always-available data, accurate and objective measurement tools and simplified yet highly-customizable reporting so beautiful, marketing will be asking you for advice. Welcome to the next generation of PR software.

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Social Amplification PR Software by TrendKite
PR Monitoring Image

PR Measurement Tools

TrendKite provides comprehensive analysis of PR's impact on your brand, your website, and revenue. Go beyond traditional PR software to get insight into the ROI of your PR efforts.

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The Right Measurement tool

It’s difficult to prove the value of PR when you don’t understand how your PR programs are impacting on the brand, conversions, and relationships to other parts of the marketing ecosystem.

quality, not quantity

TrendKite's PR software gives you a way to measure how your PR efforts have affected awareness, mindshare, reputation, traffic, and conversions - using hard data in real time. Optimize and measure SEO impact and its conversion to leads.

the holy grail of pr

Metrics can be easily tracked in custom dashboards you design based on what matters most to you, with the ability to drill into specifics to see exactly what’s moving the needle. With comprehensive data available on demand from your dashboard, you can now present your case in the most amazing reports you’ve ever seen.

Media Monitoring Software

All the sources and media types, instantly.

You need an easy way to see what’s going on out there and you need to know it now. The sheer volume and complexity of media sources, articles, and mentions is growing at an exponential rate. Most current media monitoring tools, however, haven’t kept pace with media evolution, often missing critical data or taking forever to get accurate results.

TrendKite changes that by providing the most advanced technology available to PR. Our PR software offers the fastest, most complete and accurate media monitoring available. All of the data is online all of the time in real time so you get what you need instantly. No more waiting. No more irrelevant data. No missed opportunities.

Media monitoring is only a small piece of the puzzle. TrendKite extends monitoring with powerful measurement and reporting so PR professionals can finally show the impact of their work.

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Media Monitoring PR Software
Automate PR Reporting Software

PR Reporting Software

Simple. fast. beautiful.

TrendKite makes reporting simple, fast, interactive, beautiful. No other PR software on the market offers this level of quality, ease and flexibility. PR Reports can be instantly generated from your dashboard, custom branded and shared with colleagues so everyone can see what PR does on a regular basis and how you impact the organization.

Just as marketing automation and analytics tools have helped marketing, we believe PR analytics and automation, with clean, intuitive reporting, is what will sell PR to the rest of the company. Now is not the time to pull out a PowerPoint slide. Lackluster reports that used to take hours and used outdated, historical data are a thing of the past.

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