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Measure PR's Impact on Traffic and Revenue with Adobe Analytics


PR influences large volumes of website traffic, orders, and revenue. Yet to date, it's been near-impossible to crunch the numbers to prove it. 


Now, with TrendKite's Adobe Analytics integration, enterprise PR teams finally have the data at their fingertips, and can take credit for their full business impact. 



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Let TrendKite Do the Analysis Your Data Team Can't

Enterprise organizations receive thousands of visitors per day to their website. It would be impossible for a data team to sift through all that traffic and determine which came from PR articles.  


TrendKite's read-only integration with Adobe Analytics automates this analysis, making it possible for the PR team to see every article driving traffic and revenue, right within TrendKite. 

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Report PR's Influence on Sales & Customer Acquisition 

 Read an article about a company, visit their website. It happens all the time. PR brings thousands of potential customers to their company's website to research, learn, and buy. Unfortunately, they rarely get the credit for their contribution to customer acquisition.


Using TrendKite, PR teams can finally report: 

- Number of website visits driven by PR

- Total number of visitors to the website

- Orders generated by PR

- Total revenue contributed to PR 


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Measure the Quality & Engagement of PR Audiences

With Adobe Analytics data, TrendKite allows you to see how engaged of an audience you drove back to your company's website.

Get insight into the quality of PR audiences with metrics like: 

  • Quick-hit visitors (bounce rate)
  • Number of pages viewed by visitor 
  • Total time spent on site

Optimize Your PR Strategy for Maximum Digital Impact

Easily sort your coverage by any Adobe Analytics metric. Quickly rank your coverage to see which are top traffic drivers, and which articles drove conversions. 


Leverage these insights to target high-performing authors and publications, to drive even greater digital engagement.


Forward-Thinking PR Team




"PR isn’t this abstract marketing effort anymore. PR professionals are starting to make data-driven decisions to understand their audiences better as well as know the right media outlets to target. One way we are doing this is using the Adobe Analytics integration within TrendKite.”


— Cameron Lowe

Corporate Communications, Esri


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