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TrendKite Press Releases

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TrendKite Continues Rapid Growth, Hiring Key Executives and Launching Industry-Changing Products

Cutting-edge product launches establish TrendKite as the PR tool of the marketing stack.


AUSTIN, TEXAS - August 8, 2017 - TrendKite is changing the landscape of public relations with innovative new products such as Pinpoint Contacts, which has reinvented the way public relations professionals do outreach; and PR Attribution, which for the first time ever gives a complete picture of tracking PR efforts from earned media to website traffic. To cultivate the rapid market expansion, TrendKite has also created and filled strategic growth positions in sales and revenue operations.


In May, TrendKite launched an analytics-driven alternative to the traditional media database with Pinpoint Contacts, a personalized discovery engine that gives the user greater flexibility in organizing hyper-segmented outreach by leveraging analytics never seen before on an influencer level. Traditional media contact databases are stand-alone tools populated by rapidly aging data. TrendKite challenges this thinking by leveraging its cutting-edge analytics, rather than traditional data collection methods, to identify the most relevant and powerful journalists and influencers.


The July product launch included PR Attribution, a tracking capability that allows brands to see all visitors coming to their website from earned media articles, regardless of whether there is a backlink in the article or not. This is a ground-breaking leap forward for PR measurement, helping public relations get closer to the previously elusive ROI calculation.


TrendKite has seen tremendous success and innovation, partly based on the early growth programs created by Prabhakar Gopalan, which remain core elements of the company’s growth strategy today. Now it’s time to bring that success in-house through the strategic role of Vice President of Growth and Revenue Operations, bringing the innovation of a growth role, typically only seen in forward-thinking Internet companies, to Enterprise SaaS.


”Having made a career working at technology companies like IBM, Dell, and Rackspace in roles that impacted top line growth, I started a consulting practice implementing cutting edge growth practices with Silicon Valley startups,” Gopalan said. “I am now excited to bring this back in-house and establish this role at TrendKite, furthering my contribution at a significant point in the company’s growth and trajectory.”


Also, as TrendKite continues to take on more market share, evolving strategic goals based on success, the hire of Kevin McKeown, as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, is an integral part of the team. Based on his experiences at Spiceworks and Motive, the timing of creating and hiring this position directly correlates with the growth of the sales organization at TrendKite.


“TrendKite is solidly in the growth stage, a stage I specialize in,” noted McKeown. “The fact that I was already serving as an advisor gave me insight to the market opportunity and success, fueling my interest to be a part of this company. The growth stage is one of the most challenging for startups to navigate and I’m excited to bring my expertise to help them operate on, and above, the best-in-class levels already achieved.”


With product launches and headcount numbers ranking TrendKite as high at the 17th fastest growing startup in the world, the CEO, Erik Huddleston, is at the helm of an incredible opportunity.


“TrendKite is excited to see continued growth and to have the opportunity to add more strategic positions and talent to our team,” Huddleston said. “As TrendKite continues to take on more market share, we see our strategic goals evolving with those successes, making the hiring of Kevin McKeown and Prabhakar Gopalan an integral part of growing the TrendKite team. Kevin’s experience in scaling sales teams, combined with Prabhakar’s expertise in driving growth through innovation, are what we need for our next phase of exponential growth.”





Founded in 2012 in Austin, Texas, TrendKite revolutionizes how the world’s biggest brands and media companies measure the impact of their PR efforts. TrendKite is transforming the way the world views earned media by harnessing AI and big data analytics to optimize the impact public relations has on a brand’s reputation, website traffic, and business goals.


As a venture backed, high traction startup, TrendKite is disrupting a huge existing market while helping companies like Nike, Google, Delta, SXSW, and thousands more turn PR coverage into real business impact.




Lacey V. Miller

Communications Manager