Pitch Perfect Outreach: A TrendKite PR Playbook


Playbook Highlights:

  • Sift through the noise - find the right contacts for your brand's story
  • Simplify list building - use cutting-edge analytics for up-to-date & strategic outreach 
  • Leverage PR tools - target contacts with high SEO impact & social amplification 
  • Foster relationships - curate your pitch to your contact's interests not just yours

PR professionals outnumber journalists 5 to 1. Pitching has never been more competitive. 

Finding the right journalist is a nightmare using ancient media contact databases... But by leveraging technology - PR pros can streamline list building & media outreach.  

This playbook introduces a new way of utilizing PR analytics to discover media contacts who boost your SEO impact, amplify of your coverage, & drive conversions for your brand. Learn this strategy and you'll be an outreach master. 

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