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PR is one of most impactful players in turning industry lingo into consumable, revenue-driving content. 

Raise brand awareness & fuel your revenue stream with our new toolkit's PR strategy for high-tech brands based on metric-driven outcomes & real-world business impact.


  • The 6 vital PR metrics - See what other high tech brands are monitoring. 
  • Measure total business impact - From web traffic to revenue.
  • Worldwide brand transformation - Read about SEGA's PR strategy.
  • Sift through the noise - Segment your coverage by niche topic or high-tech term.

The toolkit includes our strategic High-Tech PR Metrics Guide for identifying the top 6 metrics to measure your PR's full business impact AND access to SEGA's PR Attribution Case Study that dives into how they used analytics to measure traffic from earned media.

Fill out the form & snag your FREE toolkit today! Start tracking metrics that will uncover how powerful your PR is.

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