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Traditional PR software has focused on helping PR teams understand and report their earned media mentions and often offer an ad value equivelancy (AVE) metric that that does a very poor job showing the true impact PR has on a brand. Our PR analytics software takes it a step further to prove the value of your media mentions in a way that both communication professionals and business executives understand. Here are the the reasons PR professionals need to move beyond traditional media monitoring metrics. 

Quantify the True Impact of Your PR

TrendKite helps PR professionals quantify their true impact by combining media monitoring with data from website-generated leads created for the sales team and the impact your media mentions are having on your search engine rankings (SEO).

PR's Impact on Revenue 
TrendKite integrates with web analytics and marketing automation systems to allows PR professionals to prove the ROI of their PR in the same way as sales and marketing; renevue generated! This is a game changer for the communications industry. By proving the ROI of a brand's investment in PR, you can secure additional funding to grow your campaigns and build on your already successful PR efforts.

PR's Impact on SEO
In addition to proving the positive return on investment of your PR strategy in terms of revenue, TrendKite also allows you to demonstrate the impact your earned media mentions are having on search engine rankings or SEO. With our SEO Impact Metric; you can now see the articles that are having the biggest impact on your brands visibility in search engine results (Google/Bing/Yahoo), take credit for the high-quality website traffic they drive, and further demonstrate the ROI of PR.

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 Hone in on Quality Coverage

Not all media mentions are created equal, and traditional media monitoring solutions make it very difficult to sort through all the different media mentions you recieve to focus in on the ones that are important to your brand. TrendKite's Article Impact Metric blends readership, social amplification, and sentiment into one single metric so you can quickly understand which coverage matters the most.

Optimize and Improve Your PR Strategy

By honing in on the quality coverage you can better target your pitches to the publications and authors that will drive the greatest value for your brand. You can also use TrendKite to discover the publications that are talking about competitors and the subjects that matter to you to discover new audiences that would be highly interested in the articles you are pitching. 

Analyze and Report with Agility

Copying and pasting reports and information from multiple sources into a power point presentation eats hours of time prevents real time reporting of your  PR results. With TrendKite's PR Newsletter you can keep your company abreast of impactful brand coverage, industry trends, and competitive developments. You will be able to create and share a beautiful newsletter with relevant media mentions in minutes 


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