PR Agencies’ Guide to Attract and Retain More Clients

PR Software Buyers Guide for Agencies

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PR Software Buyer's Guide for Agencies

 There’s a lot of competition out there for PR agencies, from online consultants and in-house marketing departments to full-scale PR agencies offering the latest PR technologies. Fortunately, with the ever-evolving media channels, there’s plenty of room to stake your claim – if you have the right PR tools.

While there isn’t a perfect formula to guarantee you can attract and retain more clients, there are practical things you can do right now to give you an edge over your competition. Evaluate your current capabilities and PR technologies then read on to see where you have room to improve.

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  • Tactics you can use to ensure your agency is in high demand
  • How to attract clients rather than constantly pursuing them
  • How to boost your reputation
  • Using PR technologies to make your analytics and reporting wow the crowds
  • How to quantify ROI to prove your value

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