Get Notified of Unusual Spikes in Coverage You Care About


For agile and strategic PR teams and agencies, Spike Alerts is the first in a series of intelligence capabilities native to TrendKite. 


We use artificial intelligence to navigate millions of articles and detect unusual spikes in your brand, competitor, or industry coverage. If a spike occurs, we’ll email you with intel around the media spike, and make it easy to report on what’s happening with a single-click.

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TrendKite Features

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Trends You Can't Afford to Miss

You can turn on spike alerts for any company, industry, topic, or event. When TrendKite's Insight Engine detects a spike in coverage volume that's 2 or more times greater than average, spike alerts will automatically notify you by email and provide data and high impact articles around the spike. 


Example spike alerts you could receive:

  • When a competitive product launch picked up extraordinary momentum 
  • When a topic or issue begins trending in your industry 
  • When crisis coverage starts to go viral
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Discover What is Behind the Spike

The Insight Engine will automatically curate all the coverage involved in a spike, so that you can generate a dashboard on the trend as it unfolds, and take expedient action on reporting it to stakeholders. 

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Get Advised on How to Strategically Respond to Media Spikes

TrendKite not only notifies you of an unusual spikes in coverage and curates the articles involved, but also provides strategic recommendations on what to do with this information. We have strategic best practices for all different spike alerts from spikes in coverage around a crisis, your competitors, major industry reveals, and more. 



Powered by TrendKite's Insight Engine

Spike alerts is the first in a series of new intelligence capabilities powered by our proprietary Insight Engine, which is machine learning technology that detects patterns among the equivalent of 3 million days of coverage. By comparison, a human would have to examine 4,000 dashboards by hand to get a similar result to the Insight Engine.

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