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PR Attribution

Measure total website traffic driven by PR. 


For the first time ever, PR Pros can measure website visitors driven by every article without links.

With TrendKite's groundbreaking new technology, it's finally possible to track when a reader visits an article, and your website at a later time. TrendKite is the only PR platform that can measure this for over 4 million global publications.


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"Our Hershey communications team values continuous learning and improvement to develop audience-first content that enables deeper engagement with our story and business priorities. TrendKite’s new PR Attribution feature is helping us determine key content and publications that are driving traffic to our front door – our company website, helping us improve on how we welcome our guests and invite them to stay for a while."


Finally, the full picture of PR traffic

Using website analytics, Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, PR pros could take credit for the visitors coming to their site after clicking a link in a PR article. Yet few articles contain links, so PR Pros could only measure a fraction of the traffic they drive.


Finally, with PR Attribution, PR can take credit for the bulk of visitors they bring back to the site - link or not.

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Measure traffic from 4 million publications

TrendKite tracks readers from over 4 million publications, and can show you how many of those readers visit your website after reading an article about your organization. This is by far the most complete picture of total traffic available to PR and marketing teams today.

Traffic from articles without brand mentions

Influential articles get readers in an action-taking mindset, and may cause them to visit your site even if the article isn’t about you. For example, an article about self-driving cars may encourage a reader to visit Tesla.com.

TrendKite will help you uncover all articles driving readers to your site, even in the absence of a brand mention.

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Groundbreaking technology, exclusive to TrendKite

TrendKite’s proprietary tech leverages multiple state-of-the-art tracking approaches to improve upon existing technologies like cookies. TrendKite captures consumer journeys on both mobile and desktop devices, and can make the distinction between a bot and a human when they visit your site.

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