Advanced Metrics to Prove the ROI of Earned Media & Optimize Your PR Strategy

Traditional PR software has focused on helping PR teams monitor their earned media mentions and offers an ad value equivalency (AVE) metric that that does a very poor job showing the true impact PR has on a brand.

TrendKite is the Intelligent Communications Platform that puts earned media at the heart of the marketing mix. TrendKite's advanced PR analytics metrics prove the impact of earned media, allow PR teams to make data-driven PR decisions, and power your digital strategy. 

Show Earned Media's Brand, Digital & Bottom-Line Impact

Communicators Funnel

TrendKite helps PR professionals quantify their true impact by combining media monitoring with data from website-generated leads created for the sales team and the impact your media mentions are having on your search engine rankings (SEO).

PR's Impact on SEO
In addition to proving the positive return on investment of your PR strategy in terms of revenue, TrendKite's PR analytics also allows you to demonstrate the impact your earned media mentions are having on search engine rankings or SEO. With our SEO Impact Metric; you can now see the articles that are having the biggest impact on your brands visibility in search engine results (Google/Bing/Yahoo), take credit for the high-quality website traffic they drive, and further demonstrate the ROI of PR.

PR's Impact on Revenue 
TrendKite integrates with web analytics (Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics)to allow PR professionals to prove the ROI of their PR in the same way as sales and marketing; revenue generated! This is a game changer for the communications industry. By proving the ROI of a brand's investment in PR, you can secure additional funding to grow your campaigns and build on your already successful PR efforts.

Optimize and Improve Your PR Strategy

Plan and Execute
Build a powerful earned media strategy with big data and AI to understand every part of the media ecosystem - publications, influencers, pitches, competitors, campaigns, product launches, spokespeople, and more. TrendKite gives you the everything you need to make data-driven decisions that make your outreach, measurement and reporting smarter and more effective. 

Expand and Amplify
Target the right journalists, influencers and outlets with precise AI powered algorithms that identify the right opportunities for optimal earned media impact. Our personalized discovery engine identifies new ways for you to extend your media relationships to only those who are interested or who have covered the topics or micro-topics that are relevant to you.

Analyze and Report with Agility

Showcase your impact with unlimited dashboards, unparalleled flexibility and boardroom-ready reports. Report metrics that matter: show high-level brand impact, benchmark key messages and campaigns, or showcase your contribution to web-traffic, conversions and sales.

  • Grow your PR program as big as you want with unlimited dashboards, searches, campaigns, reports, alerts, and more.
  • Measure business results from PR at all three levels of impact: Brand Impact in the market, Digital Impact driving visitors to your site, and Bottom-Line Impact on sales.
  • Create beautiful, fully customizable interactive reports in seconds to confidently share your results with everyone from your department to the board.

Hone in on Quality Coverage

Not all media mentions are created equal, and traditional media monitoring solutions make it very difficult to sort through the noise to focus in on the coverage that is important to your brand. TrendKite's Article Impact Metric blends readership, social amplification, and sentiment into one single metric so you can quickly understand which coverage matters the most.


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