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Google Analytics Isn’t Just for Marketing. We live in a data-driven age. Every decision made, every dollar spent, is justified and optimized by data. With the rise of performance marketing, there is more pressure than ever on PR teams to prove their value.

Quantifying value is an age-old enigma for PR professionals. Even with metrics like impressions, readership, and ad equivalency, we’re only getting finger- in-the-wind accuracy of PR’s impact on the business.

It’s time that changed. You’re about to learn how to leverage more modern metrics provided by Google Analytics (GA), that any PR team can use to accurately measure their digital impact, and reclaim their seat at the marketing table.

Download the eBook “Everything a PR Pro Needs to Know about Google Analytics” to learn:

  • How Google Analytics Works And Why It’s Valuable To PR
  • Why You Can’t Rely on a Digital Team Do This For PR
  • The Google Analytics Metrics That Matter For PR
  • How To Use Google Analytics To Increase PR Effectiveness

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