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Sophisticated Media Monitoring Without the Headaches


TrendKite makes it easy for brands and agency teams to develop a timely and precise view of their media landscape. Because we use innovative semantic analysis teamed with big data analytics, our clients don’t have to guess at keywords and they don’t miss out on real-time opportunities for coverage.


Here’s why clients choose TrendKite over Vocus and other similar solutions.


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TrendKite Features


Time is Money

Busy PR professionals have lots to do and little time to waste with slow software or searches that take forever. Don’t let the overtaxed infrastructure of your software solution slow you down. TrendKite users enjoy:

  • Quick application response times
  • Fast searches
  • News when you need it

Modern, Easy to Use PR Analytics

It’s 2015, no one needs to use cumbersome, confusing software that requires a ton of training. TrendKite is:

  • Beautifully designed and intuitive
  • Built with usability as an imperative
  • Easy to learn

Superior Customer Support

Does it ever feel like your software vendor hates you? We hate that. Our team of support specialists and account managers will:

  • Ensure a painless and optimized deployment
  • Answer questions quickly and keep follow-up promises
  • Treat you like you sign our paychecks

Exceptional Automated PR Reporting

An important responsibility for PR professionals is monitoring and communicating your own success. How else are you going to justify continued investment in PR? TrendKite handles reporting like no one else:

  • Automated, complete and attractive PR reporting
  • Interactive charts and graphs that wow executives
  • White label PR reporting for Agencies

Custom Media Dashboards

Effortlessly measure the impact of news on your brand with custom dashboards that highlight the media metrics that matter most to you.

  • Monitor traditional and social media
  • Track key stats such as mentions, share of voice, message pull through and sentiment
  • Make sense out of the PR landscape

News Alerts

Get relevant news items delivered straight to your inbox.

  • Daily mention alerts roll up of all the relevant news on your schedule
  • Get breaking news alerts immediately when impact parameters are met
  • Team alerts keep everyone informed

News Monitoring Dashboard

TrendKite helps you cut out the noise by applying our proprietary impact score to filter your news.

  • Show the most relevant news by considering publication tier and audience size
  • Understand the quality of each mention in an article
  • Prove the value of PR
If you are looking for a competitor for Vocus, TrendKite is a solution that you should see. We’re ready to show you why our clients are glad they did. Schedule a demo today.

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