TrendKite Overview Video

Take 90 Seconds That Will Change Your Life...or at Least Change Your PR Software

When's the last time you were actually amazed by PR software? And not the kind of wonder and amazement that comes from staring at your screen for 20 minutes waiting for a PR analytics report to run. We're talking about the kind of experience where things work, and look, like it's 2016 and the tears usually reserved for the pain of cobbling together the weekly media report in PowerPoint are actually tears of joy. 

Welcome to TrendKite where we exist to help brands and agencies quantify and amplify the impact of their PR efforts with advanced PR software. That means better PR reporting, information in near real-time (that's seconds instead of minutes) and a beautiful interface that’s actually easy-to-use. And here's the video to prove it.

Watch the video of our Product Manager, Lindsey O'Niell, walk you through:

  • Creating news alerts for media monitoring
  • Tour of the PR analytics dashboard
  • Building media analysis reports

See TrendKite in Action

Just a Few of our Customers

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