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PR practitioners across the globe are using the TrendKite to optimize their PR strategy and understand their earned media presence.  Learn how you can take your PR strategy into your own hands with TrendKite.

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Web Traffic

Would you rather pitch a journalist who delivers visitors to your site or one that doesn't? 

Integrating web analytics into TrendKite helps you identify the publications, messages, and journalists that deliver traffic (and potential customers) to your site.

With this info you can:

  • Pitch journalists who are proven to engage your target audience
  • Refine your messaging to understand what actually delivers traffic
  • Help your digital teams refine paid and owned channels

Social Amplification

If an article is published but isn't shared on a social channel, is it actually delivering value?

Understanding what articles are engaging your audience helps you pitch stories and build messaging that resonates (and builds brand awareness) with your audience.

And knowing the channels on which your audience is sharing articles can help inform your social strategy, enabling you to meet your customers where they're engaged.


Real Time Alerts

How can you respond to a story if you don't know that it's hit?

With Real Time Alerts, you can be sure to be the first to know about coverage that impacts your brand.

And you can set up a Real Time Alert for any search in TrendKite, so you can stay on top of industry news, journalists, and competitive coverage the same way you would your own.


Competitive Intelligence

Sometimes inspiration (and great strategy) can be found in unexpected places. Keeping tabs on how your competitors' PR strategies and outcomes can help you keep your game sharp. You can see:

  • What publications they are getting top-tier coverage in
  • What products, initiatives, or business units they are focusing on
  • What persons of interest are being quoted or serving a subject matter experts

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