Data visualization is the presentation of data as an image or in a graphical format. A visual representation of information helps people understand it more quickly and easily. Think about the difference between a description of one place’s relationship to another and a map. The map makes something immediately obvious that might otherwise be impossible to envision. 

Analyze and Understand Media Coverage

TrendKite enables more media data than ever before to be collected and analyzed. Visualization is an important part of our solution to help decision makers find what’s important among thousands of data points. Easy to understand charts and graphs help PR and marketing professionals communicate ideas and trends to others in the organization. No spreadsheets required. 

Interactive Visualization of Media Analysis

TrendKite's PR Software takes data visualization one step further, far beyond static charts and maps, by letting users drill down into the visuals for more granular details and related information. This powerful combination of graphic data and access to each element that created it helps users:

  • Identify areas needing attention
  • Understand the factors driving results
  • Predict future success
  • Make strategic decisions.

With TrendKite’s visualized media analysis, problems and achievements previously obscured or ambiguous suddenly come to light. Predictions about the results of a particular action become more reliable and getting everyone on the same page is effortless. With TrendKite, your visualized data is available immediately, whenever you need it without any manual effort.

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