Measuring PR Impact:

The Framework for a Data-Driven PR Strategy

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Measure the total impact of earned media.

cover 3.jpgLeveraging technology & data to drive decision making has taken off in the marketing world...while public relations has been stuck using legacy metrics like mentions & AVE. Fortunately, new actionable metrics are now able to justify your PR spend and strategy.


  • Capturing the right metrics for Measuring Brand vs. Digital impact

  • Proving earned media's ROI on the bottom-line of business

  • Understanding how to report on the SEO impact of publications & mentions 

  • Organizing your website traffic, social shares & other vital data to create impactful reports

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When searching for PR reporting tips, there are countless generic articles, glossy generalizations, and intangible approaches to measuring PR. This eBook on the other hand gives you data-driven strategies you can implement today. 

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