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87% of marketers are increasing analytics spend this year

It's time for PR to be part the data conversation.

For over a decade, top marketing teams have been using data to showcase bottom-line business impact...meanwhile PR has been stuck tracking impressions or mentions. But now - the age of an analytics-powered PR strategy is here.

Download our on-demand webinar to dive into the evolution of PR measurement and the latest in digital-driven earned media. 


  • Prove your value - "Claiming" impact is no longer an option...showcase PR's power to the C-suite by reporting with the metrics they track
  • Go beyond mention counting - Prove the real power of PR - from SEO impact & social shares, to web traffic & revenue generation
  • Transform with digital  - Use PR technology to measure your success by leveraging the metrics that transformed marketing

Webinar Presenters:


Ashley Boening

Director of Digital - BigCommerce

 Ashley is a Digital Marketing Veteran who helps companies grow their customer base and drive revenue cost effectively.  Working in ecommerce, advertising and digital marketing channels for over 12 years, Ashley understands digital strategy and how to turn $1 in investment into $10 in profit. Multiple successful partnerships with software and ecommerce companies producing exponential and sustained growth are the experiences Ashley draws from when building teams and successful programs. Ashley has earned a Bachelor of Science in communications from the University of Texas at Austin, as well as a minor in Business.


John Yarbrough

Director of Communications - BigCommerce

John Yarbrough is the Director of Brand and Communications for BigCommerce where he oversees all aspects of internal and external communications, including branding, PR, social media and event strategy. Previously, John provided media relations and strategic support for a range of B2B and B2C technology clients, including AMD, BMC Software and Microsoft.

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