The Changing Nature of Media 

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Welcome to the ambient news era

Fueled by the evolution of technology & ever-increasing number of influencers, journalists, and thought leaders...every story now has unlimited angles and reach.

So how can PR teams keep up with this constant evolution? Join us on May 21st to conquer the latest PR challenges & seize the emerging opportunities!  


  • Prioritize media contacts - Identify your trusted contacts for disseminating news & squashing future crises
  • Dig into data - Before pitching, discover your target journalists' actual article impact, average social shares, and SEO impact
  • Decipher the digital noise See the top tricks & modern metrics for sifting through the clutter and viral "fake news" outbreaks
  • Marketize your strategy - Track the same metrics as the rest of the marketing team to finally prove the ROI of earned media

Webinar Presenters:

Stuart Dean - Vice President - Business Wire

Stuart Dean

Vice President of Sales at Business Wire

Stuart Dean is the VP of Sales at Business Wire, the global market leader in commercial news distribution. He is an acknowledged expert in the changing nature of the media and public relations drawn from years of industry experience. 

Before joining the Business Wire team, he served as the SVP of Business Development for NUVI, a real-time social media listening, engagement and publishing platform. Stuart started his professional career in the corporate news and media distribution business while serving in various management positions and executive roles over the last 15 years, including Head of Corporate Communications and HR at at Pinnacle Security.

Stuart is married and has two daughters. He resides in the Salt Lake City area. He is a graduate of Brigham Young University and enjoys golf, fishing and has been a college and high school basketball official.


Chris Lightner - VP Client Strategy - TrendKite

Chris Lightner

VP of Client Strategy - TrendKite

As VP Client Strategy, Chris works with clients to ensure they are maximizing the effectiveness of their marketing communication through clearly defined research methodologies, campaign execution, performance measurement aligned with business outcomes, and insights that inform paid, owned, earned, and social campaign optimizations. 

Chris has over a decade of experience in building and managing industry leading analytics teams for global agencies such as Edelman and W2O, working on behalf of Fortune 500 companies to maximize and measure the impact of marketing communications on business outcomes. Through the use of rich digital, earned, and social data, Chris is able to uncover audience insights that inform influencer and journalist relations, message delivery and optimization, channel roles and prioritization, and more. 

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