SEO Impact Metric: Deep Dive Client Training



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Big News! You can now measure PR's influence on on your company's search engine rankings and further demonstrate the ROI from your media mentions with our newest metric, SEO Impact powered by MOZ.


Join us on Tuesday, Dec. 6, 2016 at 1pm EST, 10am PST to hear Adelle Archer (Product Marketing Manager at TrendKite), and David Moore (SEO & Demand Gen Manger at TrendKite) to discuss how SEO works and how you can leverage TrendKite's new SEO Impact metric. In this training, we will unpack: 

  • SEO 101: the basics of SEO & why it's valuable to a business
  • How PR influences SEO, how SEO can supercharge PR
  • PR activities and strategies to influence SEO
  • How to use TrendKite’s new SEO Impact metric:
    • Discover your PR articles having highest SEO impact
    • Increase your company's visibility in Google search by identifying high SEO potential pubs
    • Measure and report on your SEO impact using TrendKite's reports


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Adelle Archer

Product Marketing Manager - TrendKite





DavidM_square.jpgDavid Moore

SEO & Demand Gen Manager - TrendKite 




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