Triple PR Threat On-Demand Webinar Series

Essential Skills for the Modern PR Pro 


Sharpen the skills you need to be an indispensable triple threat asset of any communications team with this 3 part 30 minute virtual series.


See how PR pros can use advanced software & analytics data to improve their outreach to journalists, ensure their pitches get picked up by the most impactful publications and shape the stories about their brand.


Each virtual discussion is about 30 min long and will demonstrate how you can use advanced PR analytics to support crisis response, product launch and influencer tracking campaigns.


You will learn how to:

  • Identify developing stories
  • Discover relevant publications you’re not pitching
  • Target journalists by their recent interests
  • Find accurate contact information
  • Build a clean media contact list Shape the conversation with your pitches



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Virtual Series Details



Key Influencers: Identifying & Tracking Impactful Contacts


David_Company_Headshot.jpg David C Headshoot.jpg

David Perdue

David Cardiel


Length: 30 Min



New techniques to identify, track and engage key influencers for your brand. Traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective people simply don’t trust information coming directly from brands as much as they do information from third party influencers. Influencers can be anyone who has an engaged following relevant to your brand. They might be bloggers, celebrities, or even your own customers.


Product Launch Pitches: Targeting the Right Publications 


Taylor Francis.jpg David C Headshoot.jpg
Taylor Francis David Cardiel


Length: 30 Min



Public Relations is one of the best ways to build buzz and engage key influencers for a new product or service launch. We will discuss techniques to understand the news cycle, discover niche publications, and identify journalists’ interests to ensure that your pitches are delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people.




Crisis Management: Analyzing Coverage & Influencing the Message


BrentDiggins.jpg David C Headshoot.jpg
Brent Diggins David Cardiel


Length: 30 Min



Brent Diggins, Senior Vice President, Measurement and Analytics of Allison+Partners, and David Cardiel discuss how to use PR software to shape your crisis communication strategy to minimize damage to brand and reputation and build greater trust in clients and influencers. Analyze current coverage to discover the publications and journalists writing about the crisis, understand the impact current coverage is having on your brand and engage influencers talking about it.



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