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The reporting software for Public Relations Professionals

PR is hard work. But what's harder is making sure that you know, and more importantly your client's know, the impact of all that hard work.

Well there's good news for your inner workaholic and your outer public relations reputation, TrendKite’s PR reporting software has got you covered. We exist to help brands and agencies quantify and amplify the impact of their PR efforts. That means better reporting, information in near real-time (that's seconds instead of minutes) and a beautiful interface that’s actually easy to use. So now everyone knows you’re rockin’ it because you’ve got the numbers to prove it.


We use advanced semantic analysis, big data analytics and lots of other buzzwords to model the PR ecosystem. This means TrendKite understands the publications, their audiences, their authors, their subject areas and the brands they mention better than everyone else, so you only get the results you care about.


We're here to help you understand the value of your PR reporting efforts. We throw a hard dollar value onto your PR activities and benchmark performance, giving you a consistent view of the quality of coverage across all brand metrics.


So what was the impact of that latest placement or mention? You don't have to guess with TrendKite, because our proprietary (that means no one else has it) Impact Score shows you the news most impactful to your brand by taking things like readership, publication tier, unique visitors, and where your search topic appears in the article into consideration.


The amount of time PR professionals spend generating reports is staggering. We see it all the time...PowerPoint decks, Excel charts, PDFs. It blows our mind because with TrendKite, generating beautiful, interactive reports has been reduced to a single click.


trendkite Features


Custom Media Dashboards

This is the heart of TrendKite's PR Software, and goes beyond media monitoring by providing a configurable, just for you, view of the things that matter most to you and your brand.

Measure the impact of traditional press and social media with metrics like Key Message Pull Through, Share of Voice, Total Mentions, Geographic Mentions, Sentiment, Executive Mentions, Top Articles, Top Influencers, and Media Values. All this is wrapped up in a beautiful and easy to use interface that only takes minutes to set up.


Automated Interactive PR Reports

Now we’re getting into some PR reporting software black magic, because with one click you can transform your media dashboards into beautiful, interactive reports you can share with your team or clients.

You no longer have to spend hours in PowerPoint and Excel pulling charts and building reports by hand. Instead, let us take care of that for you with our on-demand reporting. 

Request a demo to check out the wizardry for yourself and see a custom interactive PR report for your organization.


News Monitoring Dashboard

We’re taking PR software to a whole new level with our News Monitoring Dashboard. We show you the news most impactful to your brand by taking things like readership, publication tier, unique visitors, and where your search topic appears in the article into consideration.

Throw in some advanced natural language processing and a few super sophisticated algorithms and you now have the ability to understand the quality and value of a mention with our proprietary Impact Score. Like the rest of TrendKite this extra horsepower operates in real-time and only takes seconds to run.


News Alerts

Go beyond Google Alerts. We deliver a comprehensive group of relevant news items to your inbox every morning. We mixed up some proprietary search and filtering algorithms to deliver you relevant news about your brand. After all this is what we do for a living.

Set up alerts for daily mentions, breaking news, snapshot and team alerts for your brand, industry, competitors or anything else that’s important to you.

Want to see our PR software can directly prove the impact of your PR strategy on your brand's bottom-line? Request a customized dashboard below.



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