How to Build a PR Report Your Company Will Actually Like


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Big Data and advanced web analytics are changing the way companies determine how to allocate their budgets. The problem is, traditional PR reporting does not provide the detailed metrics executives need from their marketing and sales departments.

CEO's are looking for ROI focused PR reports that justify their investment in PR activities. PR professionals need to evolve to provide executives with the PR reports and metrics that prove their efforts are having a positive impact on organizational objectives.

The key is identifying the metrics that matter most to your organization the use simple, automated tools that make PR professionals’ jobs easier without missing a thing. Think it is impossible? Think again.

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  • What PR should be measuring vs. what PR traditionally measures
  • Shortcomings of traditional PR measurement
  • 15 New PR Metrics to consider adding to your PR reporting  
  • Top 5 Attributes of a good PR report
  • How TrendKite software can augment your PR abilities whether you use in-house talent or outsource to an agency

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