High Growth Technology Companies Should Take a Second Look at Their PR Strategy


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Your PR strategy should evolve using the right intelligence

High growth tech companies are in a unique situation – they go from startup to full acceleration with little time to catch their breath. PR strategies and technologies that worked in the beginning are often insufficient to manage the increased complexity, pace and visibility found in the growth phase of most tech start ups.

Your PR strategy should evolve using the right intelligence so reputations, brands and opportunities are always at the forefront. The key is using simple, automated tools that make PR professionals’ jobs easier without missing a thing. Think it’s impossible? Think again.

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  • Why technology companies in particular need to accelerate their PR strategies to match their growth
  • What the next PR stage should look like – are you ready?
  • The 5 things your tech start up should be doing to ensure no opportunity is missed or crisis ensues
  • 4 steps to strengthen your brand
  • How TrendKite software can augment your PR strategy whether you use in-house talent or outsource to an agency

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