2019 Evolution of Earned Media Toolkit

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Tackle the shifts and capitalize on new opportunities

Earned media isn't just changing - it's transforming into an industry powered by digital metrics, integrated marketing tactics, and data-driven outreach. 


  • Metrics have evolved - Digital PR measurement has long surpassed AVE
  • Go beyond monitoring - Drive a proactive PR strategy by leveraging data
  • Re-think social - Amplify your coverage by integrating social media and PR  
  • Goodbye, media contact database - Hello, analytics-powered outreach


  • Access to our latest webinar Top PR Trends to Watch in 2019
  • A copy of our eBook on the evolution of measurement, AVE is a Mirage
  • Ungated access to our 4 Trends Changing the Future of Digital PR blog post 

Grab the kit to not only understand, but to learn how to tackle these shifts head on and capitalize on new opportunities in the PR and communications industry. 

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